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Apartment On Based Business Tips

The Small Business Administration estimates that nearly half of all small businesses currently operating in the United States are classified as some type of home or apartment-based business.

Downsizing related to a slowing economy, higher cost-of-living expenses, the desire to spend more time with family, and the dream of being their own boss are the top four reasons why people aren’t deterred from starting a business from their cramped apartment.

If you are ready to make the move from working for a boss in the corporate world to working for yourself out of your apartment, there are a few important things to keep in mind on your journey to becoming an apartment entrepreneur.

Legal Issues to Consider

Zoning Laws: Cities, towns, and counties have zoning laws in place that dictate where businesses can operate. Zoning laws designate certain areas as either for residential only use, business or commercial use, and mixed-use. Find out which zone your apartment building falls into.

Local Ordinances: Check to ensure that your proposed apartment business idea complies with all local ordinances and codes. Examples of issues to take into consideration include:

  • Business hours of operation
  • Noise ordinances
  • Building fire codes and other safety issues
  • Number of employees allowed
  • Insurance requirements
  • Homeowner Association bylaws
  • Flow of traffic
  • Parking issues

Lease Agreement: Review the contents of your lease to make sure operating a business out of your apartment does not place you in violation of your lease agreement. Go one step further and contact your landlord to make certain there are no objections to you running an apartment-based business. Discuss any reservations your landlord may have and offer tangible solutions to their concerns.

Business License and Permit Requirements: Whether or not you will need abusiness license or permit to operate a business from your apartment will depend on the state, county, and city or town you live in. The licensing and permit rules will also depend on what kind of business you will be operating. The rules for running an apartment-based catering business will differ from those that apply to running an internet services business. Check with local and state government offices for license and permit requirements where you live.

Often Overlooked Considerations to Keep in Mind

Ensuring your apartment-based business is in compliance with local and state legal requirements is just one aspect to consider before opening for business. In order to give your business venture the best opportunity for success, take a moment to also consider the following:

Privacy Requirements: If the nature of your apartment-based business is one that requires a certain level of discretion, such as massage therapy or legal consulting, ensuring your client’s privacy needs are met is an essential business consideration. Your business plan should include provisions for noise dampening equipment (eg.soundproofing panels), privacy screening (eg. blackout blinds), or other necessary devices to protect the sensitive nature of your clientele’s business.

Internet Service Dependability: Having operated an e-commerce business out of an apartment, I cannot stress this last one enough. If your business is dependent on having a reliable connection to the internet, it is crucial that you investigate the type of internet your building is wired for and strength of the signal in each area of your apartment.

Very real factors that can interfere with internet signal strength and reliability in an apartment building include the distance of your apartment from the router, signal interference from electrical sources such as HVAC systems, and metal components in the walls blocking the signal. You may need to purchase additional equipment to help boost the strength of your internet signal to make sure you have access to reliable internet services.

Do Your Homework

If your apartment building does not include internet services as part of your lease, it is vital that you perform research in order to choose an internet service provider (ISP) that has a solid reputation for quickly resolving any issues that may crop up. Choose a provider that offers adequate bandwidth to handle the anticipated volume of traffic your business will generate. Ask about how quickly they resolve unexpected service interruptions.

Tips to make meal prep and cheapest one

There’s nothing worse than being a broke foodie. However, just because you’re not tapped into a huge bank account doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy good food. Though challenging, cooking on a budget can also fire up your creativity. Check out these videos to see how you can impress your palate without depressing your bank account.

The Brothers Green: $1 a Meal for a Week Challenge

Think it can’t be done? The Brothers Green can show you how. These guys have their fingers firmly on the cheap eats pulse.

$75 Epic Meal Prep 2016 – 5 meals for 5 days

If you’re looking to eat healthy or you’re working out and need fuel, this video shows you how to get your meals in advance without resorting to processed frozen meals.

Vegan Meal Prep for the Week

One of the easiest ways to cook with a concience for both your budget and mind is to switch to a vegan diet. Pre-prepping is key, keeping you on track.

How to Meal Prep on a College Budget

If you’re in college, you already know how expensive it can be. Maximize your meals with a little help from a guy who knows.

Meal Prep On A Budget

Want to get your meals for the week prepared but don’t want to break the bank or your furniture? Get healthy with these great, easy meal prep ideas.

Easy & Budget Friendly Meal Prep: 10 Ingredients for 6 Different Meals

10 ingredients to make 10 different meals? Really? Yes, apparently it can be done, and all for around $35.

Just because your budget isn’t cooperating doesn’t mean you can’t eat well. Prior preparation prevents poor eating, particularly when money is low. What are your favorite meals to prep for a week? Could you ever do a week’s worth of meal prep?

Living in Kansas City Apartment

Kansas City life may surprise you if you aren’t from the area, but it’ll be a good surprise. This Missouri metropolis (that’s right, it’s not actually in Kansas) is a bustling location that’s quickly making a name for itself.

And if you’re moving to town, you should brush up on local intel first.  Here are some things you should know about Kansas City that will help you adapt to life in the area:

The Cost of Living is Something Beautiful

The cost of living in Kansas City is lower than in many other locations, so you could save some money with your move. In fact, Apartment Guide rated it No. 10 on the list of Most Bang for Your Buck. So, you’ll pay lower rent and get a great place! Who can say no to that?

What exactly covers the “more bang” part? Apartments in Kansas City are more likely to have amenities like air conditioning, dishwashers, and laundry facilities. Plus, many units in the city allow pets.

Kansas City Loves the Arts

With the Kansas City Symphony Orchestra and the Kansas City Ballet, it’s easy to tell that this metropolis supports the arts. And if music and ballet aren’t your cup of tea, you can also see live shows put on by the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

After listening to and viewing live performances, visit some of the many art galleries in the city or check out the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

Jazz is a Big Deal

Kansas City was the gateway jazz went through on its move north from New Orleans. The city as a whole loves the genre, and even has the American Jazz Museum and hosts the Vine Jazz and Blues Festival every year.

Learn about the history of jazz or just listen to it performed live at a local haunt when you’re in the city. Pretty soon, you’ll be a jazz fan too.

KC Fans are a Lot Like Cubs Fans

Kansas City sports have a huge following, and locals all show their support despite the fact that their teams haven’t won any major sporting events in decades. As such, tailgating before a game is a cherished tradition that cranks the city’s volume.

Even if you’re not a sports fan, you have to admire the camaraderie Kansas City fans bring to baseball, football, and college sports. Just remember that to insult a KC team is to insult the people of the city. Sports, baby.

Kansas City Was First in Shopping

Nowadays, when you drive through the country, you’ll see strip mall after strip mall. But the love of parking your car, then strolling through a plethora of stores had to start somewhere– and that somewhere is Kansas City.

The first shopping center, called Brush Creek, opened in Kansas City in the 1920s and is still operational today. In fact, one of the city’s most popular traditions takes place at Brush Creek annually. The night of Thanksgiving, locals gather at the shopping center to see holiday lights, heralding in the season.

Swope Park Has Central Park Beat

Living in an urban center, having green space is a luxury. While most cities do have large parks to introduce nature into the concrete jungle, Kansas City’s Swope Park is second to none, not even to New York City’s Central Park.

In fact, Swope Park is roughly twice the size of Central Park, offering Kansas Citians access to running trails, picnic spots, the zoo, a theater, gardens, disc golf, and more. Once you move to town, you’re sure to spend plenty of time in Swope Park.

Fountain Day Happens Annually

Looking for another unique and interesting tradition? Kansas City celebrates Fountain Day every year in spring.

On this day, the city turns on all of its fountains, and it has many. In fact, one of KC’s nicknames is Fountain City.

Barbecue May Cause Drool

The South may have a reputation for great barbecue, but this Missouri city will give it a run for its money. Barbecue is huge in Kansas City, and if you didn’t enjoy it before, you’ll soon become a fanatic. It’s hard not to when you can smell the brisket down every street and order some of the best dishes this side of the Mississippi.

Kansas City may not be as big as New York or Chicago, but its heart sure is. Once you move to town, Kansas City life will have you hooked.