3 tips for choosing synthetic lawn for your home

If you currently reside in Phoenix, you are probably looking for alternatives to grass due to the terrible drought we are experiencing. Installing synthetic lawn is the wave of the future. It can offer quite a few benefits. It allows you to say goodbye to your lawn mower and other maintenance hassles that you usually experience with real grass lawn and save money in the process.

We suggest you call local reputable companies such as putting greens phoenix to get estimates and layout advice on your project – It is important to get estimates and quotes so you can choose the right artificial grass turf for your lawn and for your budget. A professional turf expert can answer all your questions about the best types of artificial grass, cost, proper layout, and other important information that you want to know about artificial grass installation.

Below are some of our suggestions to help assure you find the right synthetic lawn solution:

#1. Get Complete Cost Estimates

When you discuss the cost with the synthetic lawn specialist, make sure that the final cost will include everything. What do you get for your money?  What is the labor cost of the package vs. the hard costs, etc. Most importantly, you should ask if there are added charges for installing synthetic lawn or artificial grass on special areas on your lawn (possible problem spots). It’s best to clarify everything before you sign the contract to avoid hidden charges and misc. expenses that could arise during installation.

#2. Educate Yourself about Different Synthetic Lawn or Turf Varieties

Synthetic lawn goes by many different names with different companies – some might refer to it as artificial turf, artificial grass and synthetic grass or synthetic lawn.  Regardless of which is used to describe their product, each variety has its own applications and benefits. You should take the time to research which type of synthetic lawn will be suitable for your project. There are artificial grasses that are suitable for yards with pets, kids tumbling, putting green in your back yard, commercial properties and even athletic playing fields. You should also learn about the latest updates on turf safety and maintenance. It’s honestly no different than any other product that you might invest in for your property, you need to choose one that fulfills your specific needs. Let your landscape contractor or professional synthetic lawn specialist know what you want so you can get good suggestions and advice.

#3. Work within Your Budget

Depending on the size of your lawn, installing synthetic lawn can be expensive. So it’s best if you can finalize your budget before calling a professional installation service. Do let the initial upfront cost scare you though.  Synthetic lawn or artificial grass can pay for itself over the long term. Once your project is complete, you will not need to water the grass any longer and you can greatly reduce water consumption which will translate to savings on your water bill.