Apartment living tips with your pet

unduhan (15)Here are some tips to help you catify your crib, so your royal highness will be purring

Take playtime to the next level
Cats in the wild love jumping from limb to limb, and cats at home are no different. Create an active cat wonderland by providing platforms at varying heights for them to pounce or lay on. DIY cat lovers can install different sizes of shelving on the wall. Even if you aren’t super-handy, you can still create a playful, cat-friendly apartment withready-made cat gymsthat come in all shapes and sizes. (There’s even a life-like tree house.)

Help your kitty veg out
After all that active playtime, Mister Fluffy or Miss Furrybutt will need some downtime. Cats love to be perched up high, so you might stash a cat bed on top of a bookcase or dresser. But some kitties like to chill out on the down-low: perfect for this groovy cat hammock that you can hang on a stand or attach under a chair or table.

Serve them in style
The average apartment cat never wants to feel average. That’s why you might pamper them with modern dining utensils like a stainless steel watering fountain,square Asian-inspired supper dishes or a funky cathead food container. And if you really want to treat your feline friend right, whip up a batch of homemade cat food to make sure they are the healthiest they can be!

Make litter more elegant
Just so you know, classy cats don’t call their commode a litter box. Oh no, they call it a litter cabinet. And you simply must have one to make your cat wonderland complete. Choose from a variety of wood finishes or wicker. Seriously, these litter boxes in disguise look fantastic and are a treat for both pet and owner.