Cowhide Rugs Exude More Than A Western Flair

While cowhide rugs certainly exude a Western flair, you don’t need to live in Texas to enjoy their versatility and appeal. Cowhide does have a well-deserved reputation for adding a feel of prosperity and luxury in ranching culture. While this organic material also makes its mark on furniture, fashion designs and vehicle interiors, people everywhere use it most commonly as part of their home interior design.

Traditionally, the showiest calves among Longhorn cattle were chosen to be raised and specifically bred to create color variants and unique patterns within the herds. The hides of select cattle were then turned into coverings. Nowadays, you can find many cowhide patterns and colors. These include golden and black brindle, black and chestnut piebald, blue and strawberry roan, and spotted varieties. They also come in solid colors such as white, yellow, red and black. With so many options available, you’re sure to find that ideal cowhide rug to suit the ambience and style of your home.

Homeowners who react to allergens in animal fur will most likely find that a cowhide rug won’t cause them any problems. This organic material consists of smooth, fine hair. Since Longhorn cattle don’t grow a woolly winter coat because they are a warm-weather species, their hair stays satiny and soft year-round. While the hide feels soft and supple, the skin part is surprisingly tough and long-wearing. Since their patterns won’t fade or mottle over time, cowhide rugs also make excellent decorative wall hangings.

Unlike other rugs or some fur coverings, cowhide doesn’t shed and can even keep up with frequent foot traffic. Since the soft-treated underside acts like an anti-skid feature, cowhide coverings stay put, even on leather couches or hardwood floors. That makes cowhide ideal for floor rugs or sofa coverings. The material stays cool and silky smooth to the touch on hot days, but it also works like an insulating layer in cooler climates. Since leather breathes and does not trap moisture and heat, cowhide can be used as bed coverings.

Cleaning a cowhide rug is easy. Just shake it out, and use the hose attachment of a vacuum cleaner to remove fine debris. Just make sure you move the vacuum hose with the direction of the hair. You can also use a dry cloth instead. This will help keep the natural sheen of the hair intact. Turn floor rugs occasionally so they wear evenly.

If you enjoy Western glamor, use cowhide rugs as part of your interior design. These heavy, flexible, brightly colored coverings with their unique shapes make an eye-catching addition to any room, regardless of decor.