Living in Kansas City Apartment

Kansas City life may surprise you if you aren’t from the area, but it’ll be a good surprise. This Missouri metropolis (that’s right, it’s not actually in Kansas) is a bustling location that’s quickly making a name for itself.

And if you’re moving to town, you should brush up on local intel first.  Here are some things you should know about Kansas City that will help you adapt to life in the area:

The Cost of Living is Something Beautiful

The cost of living in Kansas City is lower than in many other locations, so you could save some money with your move. In fact, Apartment Guide rated it No. 10 on the list of Most Bang for Your Buck. So, you’ll pay lower rent and get a great place! Who can say no to that?

What exactly covers the “more bang” part? Apartments in Kansas City are more likely to have amenities like air conditioning, dishwashers, and laundry facilities. Plus, many units in the city allow pets.

Kansas City Loves the Arts

With the Kansas City Symphony Orchestra and the Kansas City Ballet, it’s easy to tell that this metropolis supports the arts. And if music and ballet aren’t your cup of tea, you can also see live shows put on by the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

After listening to and viewing live performances, visit some of the many art galleries in the city or check out the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

Jazz is a Big Deal

Kansas City was the gateway jazz went through on its move north from New Orleans. The city as a whole loves the genre, and even has the American Jazz Museum and hosts the Vine Jazz and Blues Festival every year.

Learn about the history of jazz or just listen to it performed live at a local haunt when you’re in the city. Pretty soon, you’ll be a jazz fan too.

KC Fans are a Lot Like Cubs Fans

Kansas City sports have a huge following, and locals all show their support despite the fact that their teams haven’t won any major sporting events in decades. As such, tailgating before a game is a cherished tradition that cranks the city’s volume.

Even if you’re not a sports fan, you have to admire the camaraderie Kansas City fans bring to baseball, football, and college sports. Just remember that to insult a KC team is to insult the people of the city. Sports, baby.

Kansas City Was First in Shopping

Nowadays, when you drive through the country, you’ll see strip mall after strip mall. But the love of parking your car, then strolling through a plethora of stores had to start somewhere– and that somewhere is Kansas City.

The first shopping center, called Brush Creek, opened in Kansas City in the 1920s and is still operational today. In fact, one of the city’s most popular traditions takes place at Brush Creek annually. The night of Thanksgiving, locals gather at the shopping center to see holiday lights, heralding in the season.

Swope Park Has Central Park Beat

Living in an urban center, having green space is a luxury. While most cities do have large parks to introduce nature into the concrete jungle, Kansas City’s Swope Park is second to none, not even to New York City’s Central Park.

In fact, Swope Park is roughly twice the size of Central Park, offering Kansas Citians access to running trails, picnic spots, the zoo, a theater, gardens, disc golf, and more. Once you move to town, you’re sure to spend plenty of time in Swope Park.

Fountain Day Happens Annually

Looking for another unique and interesting tradition? Kansas City celebrates Fountain Day every year in spring.

On this day, the city turns on all of its fountains, and it has many. In fact, one of KC’s nicknames is Fountain City.

Barbecue May Cause Drool

The South may have a reputation for great barbecue, but this Missouri city will give it a run for its money. Barbecue is huge in Kansas City, and if you didn’t enjoy it before, you’ll soon become a fanatic. It’s hard not to when you can smell the brisket down every street and order some of the best dishes this side of the Mississippi.

Kansas City may not be as big as New York or Chicago, but its heart sure is. Once you move to town, Kansas City life will have you hooked.