Mark Roemer Oakland Provides Pros and Cons of Buying a Townhouse


Mark Roemer Oakland knows the majority of people are aware of the free-standing, detached residences that are scattered across the countryside known as townhouses. However, townhouses can also be found dotting the landscape of many residential areas, both in urban and suburban settings. Townhomes are multi-story buildings that share one or two walls with their neighbors and often have more than one story.

The Pros


One of the many distinct perks that come along with owning a townhome is affordability, which is only one of the numerous advantages. The national average price for a fully completed townhome with a typical design and 1,500 square feet of living space is $166,500. Around $312,500 is the average price for a luxury townhome. Townhomes at more reasonable prices can be purchased for a total of $77,250.


A development includes the construction of some townhomes. In situations like this, amenities like a swimming pool and a clubhouse could be available to use. Townhouses typically come with large amounts of outdoor space, which is something that will appeal to families with children. The most desirable feature is a convenient location that is accessible to places of employment, retail establishments, and public transportation.


The homeowners of townhouses are obligated to adhere by the rules that have been established by the HOA. The Homeowners’ Association (HOA) is responsible for drafting the rules that must be followed to keep the properties in a particular condition. Nevertheless, in contrast to condo owners, townhouse owners have a greater degree of autonomy to decide how the interior and outside area of their homes should be utilized.

Lower Maintenance Costs

The care of a townhouse is typically cheaper than that of a single-family home because of its smaller size, and it also requires less physical effort. Due to the fact that owners of townhouses contribute money to a HOA, the association is responsible for performing exterior maintenance such as mowing the lawn and sweeping the snow.

The Cons

HOA Dues

The negative is that even if the HOA pays for outside maintenance, you’ll have to pay a costly charge to use the association services, and that fee may change or increase with time. The monthly HOA costs can be anywhere from $100 to $700, with usually $200 being the typical cost. However, the range goes as high as $700 in some cases.

HOA Restrictions

The homeowner’s association is a legal entity whose mission is to protect the value of the homes it oversees. As a consequence of this, a townhouse’s association may include restrictions that owners of townhouses consider restrictive. The landscape, outdoor decorations, architectural alterations (such as painting the townhome), outer storage, and noise levels are common examples of areas that are governed by common regulations.

Less Security

Owners of townhouses have less privacy than owners of single-family detached homes because townhomes are constructed so that each building shares at least one wall with another property. There is a good chance that the noise pollution coming from an adjacent neighbor’s home will penetrate the walls of the property that is directly opposite to it.

Resale Price

New families often benefit from the cost-effectiveness of purchasing a townhome. However, after the family has expanded to the point where a larger home is required, townhome owners are likely to discover that the value of their property has not increased as expected. Because of this, when the property is sold again, it won’t be worth as much money to the family.


Mark Roemer Oakland hopes that the provided details will help you to determine if you want a home, an apartment, or a townhouse.

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