The Most Exciting Interior Design Trends To Inspire Your Next Renovation

If you’re about to pick up a paintbrush or sketch blueprints for a new home renovation, then you might also want to take a look at the latest trends among interior design professionals. These celebrated aesthetics are a superb source of inspiration for those looking to refresh their home’s design, helping residents to keep up and even stay ahead of coming trends with new and stylish ideas.

Many of these trends are now being shared and popularised on social media, which is why a shift in favour can seemingly happen overnight, leading to sudden shortages of stock and high demand for certain embellishments. So, to help you stay ahead and ensure that you have the home design you desire, we’re sharing some of the most exciting current interior design trends!

Exotic Chic

From flamingo pinks to tropical island print statement wallpapers, bringing a refined yet vibrant design into your home is becoming just what many seek to brighten up their living space. Many elements of geographically warmer locations are now starting to appear in homes, from terracotta pots and palm tree leaves to shades of cocktail pink and beach hut straw.

Cottagecore Twee

Cottagecore has become one of the more widely celebrated aesthetics online, with a number of residents inspired to choose wicker furniture and checkered cloth over more minimal alternatives. This idyllic and often twee aesthetic, one epitomised by raw materials, log cabins, hygge-like comfort, and a strong connection with nature, is set only to grow in popularity too.

Industrial Interiors

There is a vintage aesthetic that is making a comeback and, this time, it isn’t 60s pop art. The hard aesthetics of industrial manufacturing are being creatively worked into interiors, with homes celebrating elements such as military greens, hard concretes, and exposed pipes for a bold decor. This trend is, in part, growing due to the affordability of such furniture and decorations in antique stores, where they have been traditionally undervalued due to their strong feature presence.

Natural Materials

Mass-produced and artificial materials simply won’t do within the modern home and a greater number of residents are seeking natural alternatives for their home’s construction. Vinyl and plastic floorboards, while long-lasting, are being replaced with reclaimed woods, cork, and bamboo, all of which endow a home with a much more organic and natural appeal. For now, however, you won’t find such materials in your local superstore, so be sure to seek out local suppliers.

Power Clashing

As colours return and wash away the era of excessive greys, a number of homes are pushing the limits of colour combinations by introducing power clashing to their interiors. This design takes contrasting colours, textures, and designs, and places them next to each other. At first glance, they might appear striking but the confidence of their bold combination shows a keen eye for design.

Remake And Upgrade

Likely inspired by both frugality and a host of television shows dedicated to restoring old antiques, restored and reupholstered furniture is one of the most up-and-coming trends within homes. Not only does each item have a great likelihood of being unique but it is also a great way to demonstrate one’s own ability to transform something into a useful and beautiful asset.

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